Update on the Children

There's always something going on with three kids in the house. Some drama, some emergency, some thing that needs attending to.

Today, Rebecca has her appointment with the neurologist. Since her MRI turned out OK (thank goodness!), we need the neurologist to try to make some sense of just what is going on in her eyes. Like I said before, she may have to have a spinal tap to determine whether she has Papillodema or not. I'm hoping this will be the last specialist we have to go to. I'm hoping he can tell us what is wrong with our little girl.

Timothy is home from school sick today. Not sure what is going on with him. It could be a cold, but I'm almost willing to bet it's his allergies and asthma. He's coughing, stuffy, and actually using his inhaler, which he hasn't used in months. It's that time of year again, and I was ready for it. He's just feeling all around yucky, so I let him stay home. The only problem is that he has baseball practice tonight, and it's killing him to think he might not make it tonight. We shall see.

Tristan is doing great. He can't wait for May 1st when he can go for his driver's license. His pole vaulting on the track team is going well, too. It's his first year on the team, and they are quite impressed with his pole vaulting capabilities. He's vaulting a good 8 to 8 1/2 feet, and they see a lot of potential in him to do more. I haven't actually seen him in action yet, but we will this coming Tuesday. I can't wait!