Can't Beat Peer Education

While riding in the car yesterday, Timothy asked a serious (or so I thought) question that I knew would come eventually. I just wasn't prepared for it at that moment.

From the backseat: "Mom, why did you get pregnant?"

Me: "Because your dad and I loved each other and decided to have a baby."
I thought I answered that well.

From the backseat: "No I mean, did you get pregnant because you and dad went all the way?"

Mike and I looked at each other.

Me: "Ummmm......where did you hear that?"

Timothy: "From my friends at school. They said a mom gets pregnant when her and the dad go all the way."

Me: "What does 'all the way' mean?"

Timothy: "I don't really know, but I know it's something that grown-ups do."

Me: "Yes it is, and...."

Timothy: "That's OK, Mom. I don't really need to know. I was just trying to make conversation."

Giggles from the backseat......

Conversation? Apparently he and those 'friends' of his have some pretty interesting conversations on the playground at school.