Glasses For Tristan

Took Tristan to have his eyes checked yesterday after school. Turns out his eyes aren't that bad, but he will benefit from a mild prescription for reading and driving.

Would you believe it took that kid an hour to choose a pair of frames that he liked? I swear he tried on every single pair of men's frames in the store and even some women's! When he finally settled on a pair, he had to stand in front of the mirror for what seemed like forever making sure it was the best choice.

I should've known. This is the kid that takes multiple showers a day, and has a facial routine that he follows religiously. In his world, he must look perfect at all times, no matter what he is doing. He's the best looking, sweetest smelling mechanic in the garage when he's helping work on the vehicles. No kidding!

I guess I should be thankful. Getting the other two to even take a shower is like pulling teeth.

So, in a week when his new glasses come in, I wonder how much time he'll spend in front of the mirror, trying different hairstyles to flatter his new glasses?