He's Learning

Tristan's finally learning that money doesn't grow on trees. It's only taken sixteen years, but I think he's finally realizing that his dad and I spend a lot of money just to make sure he's able to do whatever he wants and has the things he and his brother and sister need.

Since he got his driver's license, he's been driving to school every day. He always has something going on after school, whether it's practice for this sport or that sport, or just weight lifting in the school's new weight room, he's always at school. Now that he has his driver's license, Mike doesn't have to go pick him up every evening. He drives himself. Mike's happy.

Tristan's birthday was May 1st. He asked for money in lieu of gifts from everyone so he'd have gas money to drive with. Well, we're at the end of May, and he's gone through all of his birthday money, and his summer job doesn't start for two more weeks. He came to me this morning asking for money to put gas in the car. I told him to ride the bus since he's done with practice now. "Ride the bus", I say. You know, why spend the money if you don't have to, right?

I get a look. A look from the boy that says I must be crazy to even think he should ride the bus anymore. "But Moooooommmm," he whines.

But nothing. I'm not the one driving the car all over God's green earth. He knows as well as me how much gas is. Ride the bus.

And so, his girlfriend, who also just got her license a couple of months ago picks him up for school.