High Quality Digital Sound

If you haven't listened to an HD radio station yet, you're missing out. The sound quality is absolutely amazing! Oh, and the technology available on an HD radio! Have you heard of iTunes tagging? It's this really cool feature on an iTunes tagging enabled HD Radio that allows you to "tag" a song you hear on the radio to save the song's info on your iPod. Later, you can sync your iPod with your computer and download the song. How cool is that?

What kind of music do you listen to? There are so many stations available in HD, in every genre of music you can imagine. Do you listen to talk radio? News? Anything you want to listen to, you'll find an HD station available. I personally listen to country music. There are new country music stations being added all the time. Makes for some great listening!

Residents of Florida, this should make you happy! Florida High Definition Radio stations are being added all the time! You'll soon be listening to your favorite stations in the highest quality sound.

Look, we're living in a digital world. Why fight it? Jump on board and go HD!