It Was the Goat, I Tell You

After picking Rebecca and Timothy up from their grandparents' house today, we passed the neighbor's farm. They have the usual cows, and also a few hundred goats (Ok, maybe not a few hundred, but quite a few).

In a thoughtful voice Timothy says, "Mom, I saw a cow here today that had a bloody butt. There was a big hole."

Mike and I look at each other and Mike tells him that the cow probably just had a baby. Timothy was hearing none of the explanation. He shot it down. There was no way the cow's rear end was bloody because it just had a baby.

"It must have been a goat", he said matter of factly. "The goat head-butted the cow right in the butt!"

I asked, "How did the goat get all the way up there to head-butt the cow in the rear?"

"He jumped really high, of course. Geez, Mom! Don't you know anything?"

OK, so I don't know anything. And he has the reason for the bloody cow butt that he made up in his mind, and he was happy.

Works for me.


acmr254 May 26, 2008 at 9:09 PM  

Mommies don't know anything until after their children move out and all of a sudden, we are the smartest people in the world...