Would You Believe?

We are still running our heat here. It's crazy! Night before last, it got down to 25º overnight. It's a whopping 48º this morning, only to get into the 50's later today. The wind is blowing hard out of the north, making it feel much colder than it is, and you don't dare step outside without a jacket.

I hear stories of others running their air conditioners already, and I'm jealous. I'm so sick of this cold.

Timothy has baseball practice tonight, but he complains that it's hard to play ball when you have to bundle up as if it's winter. At Tristan's track meet the other afternoon, it was all the kids could do between competitions to stay warm. It's hard to run your fastest, or jump your highest when your limbs are frozen solid.

I hope it warms up soon. Although it's been so cold out, our grass has continued to green up and grow. Mike is going to have to don a snowmobile suit just to ride the lawnmower to cut the grass!