Scott Kay Wedding Band For Christmas?

Mike is so hard to buy for. He says he's not picky, but he lies. Usually when I ask him what he wants, he tells me that he could use one tool or another.

Tools? That isn't fun.

Usually I just take his word and get him whatever tool has caught his eye, but his year, I'd like to get him something that shows him how much he means to me.

Whether he likes it or not.

I've been looking online at new wedding bands. The scott kay wedding bands, especially the SK Colbalt line,  have caught my eye. They are made of the same durable steel they use in the making of surgical tools. That means that Mike can do the things that manly men do and not have to worry about destroying his wedding ring. The prices aren't that bad, either.

The one I'm looking at is only $320.

Look how shiny it is!

I think he's going to like it!