I Love My Kindle Fire!

It's been so many years since I've been able to read a book, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. There is nothing like reading a book, letting your imagination take you into another place and time. Oh, I've watched movies made from books over the years, but nothing compares to actually reading the story. The detail in the written word is so much more in depth compared to watching it on a screen. I'm just so thrilled to be reading again with my Kindle Fire!

I've finished two books already and am reading the third book in the "Of Witches and Warlocks" series by Lacey Weatherford. While waiting for the USB cable to arrive in the mail to connect my Kindle to the computer to upload books, I found the first book, "The Trouble With Spells" on Amazon.com for free. It was so good, and I finished it so fast, that I bought the second and third book. There's two more in the series and I can't wait to read them.

I can see a long and happy relationship forming between me and my Kindle!