Little Cigars and Whiskey

What is it with men and little cigars? Even though Mike doesn't smoke, it seems that during special occasions, he likes to have a djarum cigar and whiskey to commemorate the occasion. How is this a good thing?

I don't get it. Cigars smell, and whiskey tastes terrible. It's got to be a guy thing because either one of the two has the potential to make me hurl.

Sorry. That was probably TMI, as the kids like to say.

Anyway, Mike left specific instructions for me to order him some cigars for Christmas day.

"Order a few extra in case your dad or brother wants one." he said.

Oh, I'll order extra alright. And then you can take your drinks and little cigars outside to enjoy, while freezing your butts off, because there will be no cigar smoking taking place in this house!