Puking, Misplaced Shoes, And Crabbiness

Ah, mornings. That time of the day when one should be well-rested and looking forward to what the day has to offer. It's a new day, a new beginning, after all. A chance to do things right.

Cue screeching tire sound here

If only.

A typical morning in my house consists of crabby children who refuse to get up on time, are incapable of getting ready on time, and lose everything necessary to making the process go smoothly. One child is puking (it's an acid reflux problem), one child is complaining because said puking child is taking too long in the bathroom, and any "extra" time is spent looking for their shoes. Keep in mind, we have two bathrooms, but they insist on using the same bathroom, I think, just to drive me insane with their bickering.

Most mornings, I wonder what I've done to deserve this. Then I remember the curse my mother placed upon me years ago, uttered in a moment of desperation and despair when I myself, had driven her over the edge.

"I hope one day when you have kids, they act just the way you are right now!"

That's got to be it. I'm being punished by my mother. She's probably sitting at home laughing at me, knowing that the curse worked. Her tone is sympathetic when I call to vent about the children, but I bet it's difficult for her to contain herself.

I have yet to curse my own children. I'm saving it for a day when they've done something really bad. That's when I'll play the curse card, and someday, they will know. They will know.