Discounted Easter Candy is Evil

I am weak.

I'd like to say I am strong. That I can withstand the lure of discounted Easter candy, but I can't. I should know better than to go to Walmart the day after Easter; the day after any holiday involving candy, really. It's a conspiracy, I tell you.

The stores know that fat, hungry, weak people shop there. They put the candy on sale knowing full well that people like me will buy. And buy, I did.

It's no challenge for them really. Hell, they don't even have to make the display look pretty. Just throw it on a shelf, mark it discounted, and get out of the way. I will claw my way to my favorites, not worrying about others around me. It's like I'm in a trance. It's not safe for small children.


I bought only two bags, but it's two bags too many, especially for someone looking to lose that last .6 of a pound this week. Sweetarts and Sweetart Jelly Beans, to be exact. Oh my god.....I am just no good.