What Happens When Children Become Aware of the Opposite Sex

Well, it has finally happened.

The youngest of my three children has become aware of the opposite sex. I know this because recently he has begun to take showers, wear deodorant, and brush his teeth, all on his own. No more do I have to remind him, pester him, or beg him to clean himself.

Oh, I still ask him, just to be sure he's doing it, but when I do, I get the teen-age eye roll and a "yes, Mom" in that annoyed teen-age tone. As if he has always done these things without being told, and I should know better than to ask if he's done them.

When asked why he's suddenly taking an interest in his personal hygiene, again I get the tone and a vague explanation that has nothing to do with girls.

But, I know. I've been through two children previous, one boy and one girl, and it's always the same. Until the opposite sex becomes interesting, the children couldn't care less that they smell like the monkeys at the zoo.

Unfortunately, now a new worry begins. It's not just about stink anymore. Now, it's about teaching him to protect himself and use good judgement. Ugh.

They grow up too fast........but at least he's clean.