Girls - 2 Boys - 0

Mike and I took the kids fishing off the dock on Sunday. We even took along Tristan's and Rebecca's significant others. What was meant to be a fun family outing soon turned into a competition as these sorts of activities usually do around here. Boys against the girls, with the boys talking big because....well, that's what boys do. Fishing is a "man's" sport, don't you know?

The boys soon found out that the girls were not to be underestimated. By the time the fishing trip was over, the girls had 2 fish and the boys had none. Tim tried to sneak a fish in for the boys by saying, "I had one on the line, but it came off just before I could get it up on the dock."

Sorry, son. If you don't lay your hands on it, you didn't catch it. It doesn't count.