Strange News

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder what people are thinking when they do the things they do. It amazes me the lengths people will go. I read a story this morning about a 50 year old woman who would hide in a pink suitcase to avoid being caught entering her boyfriend's apartment building after she was banned from said building last year for damaging the property.

Seriously, this 5 foot 6 inch tall 96 pound woman would fold herself into a suitcase and her boyfriend would carry her into and out of the building to avoid detection. Unfortunately, someone saw him putting her into the suitcase and driving to his apartment, thought he was kidnapping her and called the police.

After a search of his apartment, the police found the woman hiding in a closet and arrested her for trespassing.

The things people do.....

Seems to me it would be much easier to just stay away from his apartment building. What a novel idea!

You can read the story here.