Smart Idea When Using Sparklers with Children

OK, this comes a little too late for the 4th of July, but that's me. Always too little, too late.

Anyhow, I saw this great idea on I Love 2 Dream, Do You? for keeping little one's hands safe while using sparklers. If only I had known this trick when my kids were little, they might not have a sparkler-phobia today.

Amid all the "sparklers-are-fireworks-and-you-should-be-careful" is a super-smart idea involving materials that are normally present on a Fourth of July holiday: a red Solo cup!

It's simple. You just poke a teeny-tiny hole in the bottom of the cup, bend the sparkler wire at the base of the part that burns so it can't slide all the way through the cup and voila! The child holds the sparkler inside the cup, protected from the shower of sparks. It's ingenious!

The blog's author even took the time to test the cup's capacity to withstand the heat given off by the sparkler. Many naysayers that commented weren't so sure about the red Solo cups ability to protect little hands.

The good news is, unless you actually hold the sparkler inside the cup for several seconds, it withstands the heat and sparks!

Yay for the red Solo cup! Now, let's hear Toby Keith sing about that!