War on Home Fragrances

There's a war raging in our household, and it's all my fault. You see, I gave my future daughter-in-law a candle warmer for Christmas and she uses it every. single. day. The problem is, she's inclined to use candles that smell like a bakery exploded in their bedroom (she lives with us - she and my son share the only bedroom on the downstairs level, right off the kitchen).

Don't get me wrong - I love home fragrances. I have my own candle warmer in the kitchen. The conflict is, I prefer scents that are more clean-smelling. You know, ocean breeze, clean linen, that sort of thing. I cannot stand the ones that smell like food, and cookies are the worst!

So, in the kitchen where the scents meet, it smells like a clean cookie. Trust me, it's not good.

When they leave, I close their bedroom door. When they come home, they open it back up. I turn her candle warmer off every chance I get. She immediately turns it back on.

It's a home fragrances war, I tell ya. I may be losing the battle, but I will win the war because they are moving out! They've been looking at rental listings for two days now and plan to be out soon.

As a mother, I am sad to see my baby go and start a life of his own, but as a candle lover, I'm thrilled. The house will soon smell the way I want it to smell - CLEAN!