Who Needs Replacement Windows in Richmond, VA?

I can't tell you how much I love the new windows in my living room. They're the kind that open in, top and bottom, so you can clean them inside and out without having to drag a ladder out of the garage and almost break your neck on uneven ground to wash the outside.

Yeah, they're that kind. Of course, it doesn't mean they get washed any more than the old windows did. Don't judge me.

Despite how much I love the windows, I swear if the company calls me one more time with an offer of discounted installation for the rest of the house, I'm going to scream. We haven't even paid off these windows yet, and they're already calling to get us to replace the upstairs ones. Everyday, multiple times a day, they call. I've told them nicely that we aren't interested. I've been stern. I've been downright rude, and they still call. What the heck is up with that?

Having said all that however, seriously. If you have the chance to put in replacement windows richmond va, you should do it. The difference in the heating bill is astounding, and they just look so much better!