Looking for Logo Design in Mankato?

I like to fancy myself as a logo design expert, but really I'm not. If designing a logo entails more than manipulating an already-created piece of clipart, I'm clueless. It's fun, but when it comes right down to it, serious logo design requires a special talent and an expert in the field. When I want a truly unique logo, I always turn to Pike Graphics.

Owned and operated by Tim Halldin, Pike Graphics started out serving local customers in Mankato, MN. Now, logo design in Mankato has a reach that spans the world over, and with good reason. Tim is such a nice guy to work with and really knows his stuff when it comes to logo development and implementation. The creativity that comes out of Pike Graphics is amazing - you're always guaranteed a one-of-a-kind, accurate representation of your company, wrapped up in one great-looking logo.

When Pike Graphics creates a logo for a customer, a lot of thought goes into it's design. The goal is to design a logo that sets that company apart from their competition and really capture the essence of the business's products and services. However, there's more to it than just making a great logo.

Pike Graphics also makes sure the logo will work for any purpose. Whether customers need it for online promotion or printed materials, they always receive the design in several formats so it always looks perfect anywhere. In addition, customers have full rights to that logo. Many other graphic design companies retain rights to the logos they design. This limits the use of the logo drastically. With a logo from Pike Graphics, customers are free to use it as they please.

While I still enjoy making my own logos for certain things, the really important ones I trust to Pike Graphics. With over 25 years experience in the field, no one else is better equipped to fully capture my ideas and make them come to life through graphic design.

For logo design in Mankato, or anywhere else in the world, visit Pike Graphics and tell them Shawn sent you. You won't be sorry. :)