American Idol-There Is Justice

Jason Castro is gone. All is right with the world.

Actually, it looked to me like he was relieved that he was sent packing. From what I've heard, he was ready to go home a few weeks ago already. Good riddance, I say. He wasn't taking the competition seriously anyway. I think he's killed one too many brain cells, if you know what I mean.

On a much happier note, Bo Bice was looking as hot as ever tonight. Usually, I think "hot" to be a teenage word, and not one to be said by a thirty-something woman and mother to three. But, when he's hot, he's hot, and there's no other word for it. I always liked Bo when he was on the show, and still do. He's definitely got it!

So, next week will be the fight for the finale. I still say it's going to come down to the two Davids. Who will win the who shebang? Hard to say right now, but I'm voting for David Cook!