Nancy Cooper Murder Investigation: Search Warrants Will Remain Sealed

A Superior Court Judge ruled today that the search warrants in the Nancy Cooper murder investigation will remain sealed. In an effort to keep important details from becoming public knowledge and possibly hindering the investigation or keeping a defendant from having a fair trial, the search warrants will remain sealed until mid to late August. At which time, prosecutors may ask that they remain sealed even longer.

Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby asked that no part of the warrants be released, saying that keeping the information private at this point in the investigation is crucial to the case.

"It may be of the nature that would alert someone who is an offender as to what evidence law enforcement has," Willoughby said. "It may alert an offender as to what evidence law enforcement is seeking."

Authorities have said they do not believe Cooper's slaying was a random crime but that they have not named a suspect or person of interest in the case. They've said little else about the case since then.

Three search warrants were the topic of Thursday's hearing.

One is regarding a July 16 search for Cooper's house and vehicles as well as DNA evidence from her husband, Brad Cooper. A second one, issued July 21, allowed police to search Brad Cooper's office on the Research Triangle Park campus of Cisco Systems Inc.. A third warrant, dated July 25, does not specify a search location.

Police have indicated they believe the crime was isolated. They say Brad Cooper has been cooperative in the investigation.