Website Set Up In Hopes Of Helping Cooper Murder Investigation

Attorneys for Nancy Cooper's husband have set up a website in hopes of helping the murder investigation. The website has the few details that have been released so far, in addition to a couple of maps of the area in which Nancy Cooper lived and where her body was found.

In a press release Friday, Kurtz & Blum said they are only posting information on the site that police have previously released to avoid compromising the investigation.

"We are reaching out in this way in an attempt to bring 21st century communication techniques to bear and to help motivate any possible witnesses to speak now," the release said.

Nancy was last seen by her husband leaving for a morning jog at about 7am on July 12, 2008. On July 14th, her body was found in a drainage pond by a man walking his dog. Not many details have been released in the case, and no suspects have been named as of yet.

You can view the website here.