Are You Finished Yet?

With your Christmas shopping, that is. I mean, there's only a few short days left to get in on all the good deals.

How do you like to shop? Do you like to brave the crowds, put on your tactical assault gear, and head out into the stores? Or, do you prefer sitting in front of your trusty computer, trusting that everything you purchase online is going to either fit or arrive in one piece just in time for the holiday?

I myself, prefer to take my chances on the Net. The only downside to it is that procrastination is not a good trait to have when shopping online. If one does not order in time, one does not receive the gifts in time. Even so, I take the chance. I tell myself every year that I'm going to get it done before the last minute.


So, the kids are asking for netbooks this year. I've actually been browsing online for a few weeks now trying to find a good deal. I think I have it narrowed down to a couple of Toshiba Satellites, but don't tell them.

Just in case I procrastinate too long and don't get them in time!