You Can't Tell Them Anything


They don't listen.

I don't know why I even bother.

Tristan, a "starving" college Freshman, living in another state, just informed me that he has bought Christmas presents for every single member of the family. And not just us, his immediate family. He bought for EVERYBODY!

Grandmas and Grandpas. Nieces. Aunts and Uncles. Hell, I don't even buy for most of these people.

I tried to tell him it wasn't necessary. That just having him home was gift enough. "There's no need to spend money you really don't have," I said.

"That's OK, Mom. I really don't have anything else to spend my money on."

Yeah, nothing else to spend his money on.

Then why the hell does he call me every other week asking me to transfer money into his account?