Could Have Been Mean

The kids have off from school again today. This break is labeled "Semester Break." They have off all the time, and it rarely includes snow days as you'd think it would living in Wisconsin.

I don't mind telling you that I think they have off way too much. I mean, they get early release every single Wednesday so the teachers can pow-wow and party, or whatever. Isn't that enough time to dot their i's and cross their t's?

Teacher's conventions, teacher's in-service days, semester breaks, etc. There's always an official-sounding excuse, but I think it's just a cover-up so the teachers can screw off. I mean, how many days a year does the normal worker get a break from the norm to do "paperwork?"

I almost woke the kids up this morning. I got up as usual, got Mike off to work, and almost called up the stairs to wake the kids. How funny would that have been?

Maybe not so funny to the kids, but hilarious to me in my mind.

Ah well, I didn't wake them. Once I remembered they didn't have school at the last second, I decided to let them sleep. I'm just not ready to deal yet this morning, and since I have a choice, I choose peace and quiet.