Remembering When They Were Young

Today, I began going through some old stuff I had in totes down in the basement. Things I hadn't looked at, much less thought about in many, many years. There were toys, pictures drawn by the kids when they were younger, clothing, some personalized baby gifts, etc.

As I sat there looking at all these things, I began to reminisce about the good ole' days when the kids were completely dependent on me and did as they were told (usually). It brought tears to my eyes.

Then, they came home from school while I was not getting much accomplished sifting through all those things. They picked up right where they left off this morning at the end of the driveway while waiting for the bus.

"Mom! Where are you? Tim is being mean!"


Any tears in mid-fall dried up instantly. Any yearning I felt to have small children again vanished, just like that.

I packed the stuff away, saving the memories for another day.