Happy Eating Salad?

It must be just me. For I don't see that much pleasure in it. I mean, I like salad. It's nice with a meal, and on occasion, as a meal, but to smile and be so happy about eating it?

I have to say, it's never made me laugh and be all, "Oh, I'm so happy eating this salad!"

I found this blog on my daily Stumble. It's called "You Might Like This." And while I do like it, the post about Ladies, Alone, Laughing With Salad  caught my eye. It gave me a little giggle as I myself would never have thought about posting such a thing.

Look at them. They are all deliriously happy eating their salads! I wish I could feel this way about a salad. Then, all my diabetic woes would be gone. I'd forever be thin, and happy.

Eating salad.