I Can Do It All

Just call me Handy. I am your do-it-all, know-it-all, super mom. I can clean. I can cook. I can help you with your homework. I can carry heavy TVs down the stairs. I can help you work on cars. Even if I haven't mentioned it, I can do it.

Yeah. At least that's what this family must think.

Today, my job is to replace the inlet water valve on the washer so I can do laundry, and help Mike rip the heater core out of the car to replace it.

Did I mention I'm a woman? I do not own a pair of Mechanix gloves. I mean, don't I have enough to do of my own stuff without having to help with "man" stuff? I thought that's why we had boys. So they could help their father in the garage?

Oh well, at least the washer will be fixed so I can do my job. The laundry is piling up again. Pretty soon we'll all have to go naked and the basement will be inaccessible. And, at least we'll finally have heat in the car. It gets mighty cold in Wisconsin this time of year, let me tell ya