Rear Projection Junk

I'm very disappointed. I don't mind saying it out loud.

We had a rear projection TV. Notice the key word had. Last week, it decided to go dark. Not completely, just partially. But enough that it's impossible to watch. There's no adjusting the picture either. It's just dark.

So, I go online, like I usually do when I need to know how to fix something, and I find that the bulbs inside the set are going bad or are burnt out.

OK. Burnt out light bulb. No big deal We'll but new ones, slap them in there, and away we go. Back in TV land in no time.


First of all, replacement bulbs are expensive. Roughly $200 apiece, and I need 3.  For not much more, I can get a new flat screen LCD TV. Yeah, I don't think so, bulb people.

So, the TV is going out. Now, we are watching a small little 27" TV from the olden days. No HDTV on that bad boy.

Whoever came up with the rear projection idea surely had his head up his ass. Lets build a TV that requires people to replace bulbs every couple of years. And lets charge ungodly prices for these bulbs. They'll have no choice but to buy them!

Sorry, Mr. Rear Projection creator. I do have a choice. I'm throwing the piece of junk in the dump.