I'm Being Swallowed Up By Mounds of Laundry

Having a toothache for weeks does not make for a clean house.

Nor does having a family that feels cheated because the maid has a toothache.

For the last week, I have done nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. I've done a dish here and there, but not much more. A toothache took over my life, filling every thought, prohibiting every action. It was hell. I finally got it pulled on Tuesday of this week, and today, am finally feeling well enough to resume my duties as maid...err...mother and wife.

So, I go down into the basement to begin laundry. Lucky for me, I didn't have to go to the laundry. It greeted me at the bottom of the stairs. It was excited to see me as it was gagging on it's own stench. It was ready to be washed. I swear, it's tail was wagging with happiness to see me.

There are loads upon loads to be done. It will take all weekend to complete.....

If I'm lucky.

The kids are all, "I don't have any jeans to wear." And Mike is like, "I'm out of underwear!" Their gazes turn to me as if to say, "Well?"

So, I just keep saying to myself, "I like to do laundry. I like to do laundry. I like to do laundry."