Shoes Are Shoes

My daughter, bless her heart, is a shoe fanatic. Her shoes must match her outfit. Period. She has so many pair, I'm beginning to wonder if we need to remodel and add on to her bedroom. It's crazy.

I'm not a shoe person, although I do like me a nice brand-new pair of sneakers now and again. But, as for Prada or even knowing any other brand name, I could care less. I have my sneakers and a pair of all-purpose black medium heal dress shoes for the rare occasion that I go out.

Or there's a funeral.

I'm quite happy being simple. My white sneakers match everything I wear, so my life is easy. As for my daughter, I try to stay clear of her and her shoes. When she has to decide between this pair of red flats or that pair of another-shade-of-red open toes, I want no part in it.