My Super Power

In a previous post, I mentioned that I am a super mom. This means I have super powers.

No, really I do. I can find things, even when no one else in the house can. They all come to me when they've lost something, whether I've ever seen it or not. They know Mom can find it with her super powers.

"Mom, I can't find the xbox network cable!" one kid yells to me from upstairs.

Like I even know what that is. But, have no fear, Mom will find it!

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, Mom hears a ruckus coming from said child's room. Things are spilling out of the doorway into the hall as he tries desperately to find the cable himself.

Silly boy. It is a futile search for no one can find it except for Mom.

In less than 5 minutes, Mom has scaled the mountain of junk spilling out of the room, found the cable, and tidied up the place. The child is happily playing his game and her work is done.

What would the world be like without Super Mom?