Mailing Packages

I'll admit it. I'm not very experienced when it comes to sending stuff through the mail. If it involves more than putting something in an envelope, slapping a stamp on it, and shoving it in a mailbox with the flag up, I really have no clue.

This is no reason for the witch behind the counter at the Post Office this morning to look at me and treat me like a child. Seriously. She was the most condescending person I've ever met.

I was mailing a box with some baby things in it to my girlfriend in Georgia. You know, the usual stuff: some cloth diapers, onsies, and teething rings. I even had a few personalized baby items in there. I was sending the stuff because obviously I couldn't be there for the shower.

So, I put the box on the counter, already addressed but not sealed. I wasn't sure what the procedure was. I figured I could seal it up and send it on its way once I got to the post office.

This lady looked at me like I was stupid and asked me what I wanted.

I told her.

She proceeded to snatch the box out of my hands.......literally, and taped it shut. I had addressed the flaps ahead of time, but part of the address got covered by the tape. She looked at me expectantly.

I pointed out that the address was partially covered and she let out this exasperated sigh. A sigh! Can you believe it? That's what I do when I'm very irritated with my children and I'm almost at the end of my rope!

She handed me a marker without saying a word. I in turn, snatched the box away from her and re-addressed it. She then threw it on the scale, barked out the price and waited for me to pay, all the while tapping her fingernails on the counter.

I paid, and got the hell out of there before the urge to slap her silly became too much. She never said have a nice day or anything when I left.

Oh! The nerve of some people!