Observation for Today

When things go well at work, Mom is in a good mood.

When Mom is in a good mood, everyone is in a good mood.


Anonymous March 27, 2011 at 7:42 PM  

At least your lucky she taped it for you .
Last week I went to the post office to return my direct TV prepaid .
I didn't tape it up because the lady at the post office use to tape it up for me .
Well I get there and this guy was there and he looks at me and says ..You need to tape the box up !!
I said to him the lady who works here always tapes it up for me and he said well I don't see any tape here so you need to find a way to tape it up !
I was so pissed off the way he talked to me while there was other people waiting in line .

Postal office service is going down hill .