Who Knew?

I didn't know.

Did you know?

That it was so peaceful in the mornings before everyone gets up?

If you knew and didn't tell me all this time, I'm going to be very mad. This time of morning is great. I can't believe I had no idea.

Mike left for work this morning as usual at 5am. Instead of going back to bed for an hour like I normally do, I decided to stay up. I wasn't tired anymore, so why go back to bed? Surely, there was something online to do.

And there was! I commented on Facebook already and found one of my friends to be up already, too. I bet she knew all along and didn't want to share her secret. She's probably over there now going, "Crap! Shawn is up now and knows my secret! Now I'll never get any peace and quiet!"

Well, sorry old friend. The secret is out and I'm preaching it to the world. The husband has gone to work, the kids are still in bed, the dogs haven't made a peep yet, and it is QUIET! I'm already dressed, have my teeth brushed, my hair done, and am in the middle of a blog post! How's that for productivity this early in the morning?

This is my new favorite time of day.