Take an Alaskan Disney Cruise This Year

Disney Dream Christening Event  courtesy of Travel with the Magic
Do you take the same family vacation every year? Is it the one that involves a rustic cabin in the woods, complete with a lake and peace and quiet? You know what I'm talking about. While peace and quiet is all well and good, and fresh fish you caught yourself tastes great, how ready are you to get back to "civilization" at the week's end?

What if I told you your kids could travel for FREE on select Alaskan cruises on Disney Cruise Line between May 3 to June 7, 2011? You'd say I was crazy, wouldn't you?

Well, turns out I'm not crazy, and it's true! With two full-fare guests, kids aged 17 and under get to stay in your stateroom (Sorry. They have to be in your room. You didn't think you were going on a romantic cruise, did you?) for free.

Think about it. Non-stop entertainment for the children, and you too, of course. Good food (that you don't have to catch and cook yourself), and a fun time you won't want to end.

All I'm saying is, think about it. Contact a Disney vacation planner for more info.