Winter is a Bad Word

I have had it!

Winter, you have got to take your leave. You are making everyone around here sick, and I won't stand for it anymore!

But, you're only doing your job, you say? Pfft......

I say quit that job and move on to something warmer. No one likes you around here. Well, except maybe the ice fisherman, but hey. They would get over it if you never came around again. Of course, they'd have to buy boats if they wanted to fish, but that's really no concern of mine.

I only want to be warm again. I want to see green grass again. I want my dogs to go outside and do their business out there again.

Don't laugh, Winter. It's not funny. The little chi-chi's feet freeze instantly and he refuses to go out. He instead, hikes his leg on the legs of the dining room table. Or worse, the cat.

It's not funny, Winter! Stop laughing!

I'm warning you, Winter. If you don't start making your way out of this area soon, I'll.......I'll.........I'll I don't know what, but you won't like it. I swear.

Oh hell. I have to go. Chi-chi just peed in my plant.

Damn you, Winter!