Old Taste Buds and The Talk

Tim: Why do you put salt on everything?

Me: Because I like it.

Tim: But, isn't it salty?

Me: Yes. That's the point. I have old taste buds that don't taste as well as they used to. Salt helps me taste things better.

Tim: I hope my taste buds never get old.

5th grade must be when puberty starts setting in. I say this because Tim woke up this morning dreading school. Today's subject matter?

"The Talk."

It's when they separate the girls from the boys and proceed to educate them on their bodies, and the changes it undergoes during puberty

After school:

Me: So, how was the talk today?

Tim: Alright....it was kinda gross. They showed a wiener.

Me: What's wrong with that. You have one, ya know.

Tim: I know, but did you know that it starts out like this (he demonstrates with his index finger pointing down at the ground), then, when blood fills it, it does this (his finger rises to an erect position)?

Me: Well......yes, I did know that.

It was so hard not to laugh.

Tim: And they talked about wet dreams. Do you know what that is?

Rebecca: No, what is it?

Before I could stop him, Tim proceeds to explain to her what it was, complete with descriptions of the "gooey white stuff" that comes out and makes your blankets wet.

At this point, I'm dying. He learned a lot, and obviously wasn't too embarrassed about it, because as the gym teacher who gave the talk told them, "It happens to every boy."

What do you say to your 11 year old son on the subject? "Congratulations?" or "Way to go?"

Me: Sounds like you learned a lot today.

Tim: Yeah, I guess. Ally(his "girlfriend") learned about her period and a vagina, I think. It was pretty gross, too.