Conversation With Myself

Me: Tim's birthday is coming up soon.
Self: So?
Me: Well, don't you think it's time to start planning?
Self: Why? We always wait until the last minute. Why change anything now?
Me: Because. We always wait until the last minute and then have to rush to get everything in place.
Self: So?
Me: So nothing. This year, this birthday, we're going to plan ahead. We won't wait until the last minute to notify people of the date.
Self: It's family. They already KNOW to expect to be here around his birthday. We don't need to plan ahead.
Me: Yes, we do. This year, we're sending out birthday invitations. We are going to decorate, too.
Self:'re serious aren't you?
Me: Yes, Ma'am!
Self: I hate you.
Me: I know.