Even Big Women Want to Feel Sexy

Being a bigger woman myself, I so know what it's like to not 'feel right' in any revealing clothing. I spend so much time trying to cover everything, I forget that bigger can be sexy too with the right clothes. It's so important to find an outfit that compliments your size and shape. When you're bigger, it can be difficult to find clothes, especially lingerie that fits right and makes you feel comfortable. This, I know all too well.

But, just because you wear a plus size doesn't mean you shouldn't wear sexy lingerie. In fact, the opposite is true. I say if you've got it, flaunt it! Plus size lingerie is no longer a taboo. It's very flattering, minimizing what needs to be minimized and enhancing what needs enhancing. Whether you're looking to make an impression with someone special or wanting to smooth lumps and bumps, larger women can do so and feel just as sexy doing it.

When it comes to buying plus size lingerie, knowing your body is important. What do you feel are your greatest assets? What do you think needs a little less attention? For example, large busted women will want to look for something that minimizes the look of their breasts. Some may feel their breasts are their best feature and will want to find something that enhances them and draws attention to that area. Black is always slimming, of course. That rule of thumb has never changed. But, other colors can be just as flattering, so don't be shy about experimenting outside the basic black. Perhaps you can try something that brings out the color in your eyes or flatters your hair color. Use your imagination and be bold.

For those looking to smooth things out and keep things in place, perhaps under your work attire, body shapewear is a good idea. It's supportive, giving you a flattering look in all the right places. Remember, good plus size lingerie should be supportive. If it's not, it's useless, as we bigger ladies like to be held tight. Supportive and flattering, that's what we are looking for.