So Tired of the Weight Loss Thing


I'm sick and tired of hearing my doctor say that I should lose weight. I'm tired of the daily battle I wage each day with food. I like to eat. So what?

I find it very difficult to stick to a diet for any length of time, yet I am disgusted by my reflection in the mirror. I KNOW I need to lose weight for my health. I KNOW what I need to do to achieve weight loss. I'm not stupid. I just wish there was an easy way to go about it that doesn't deprive a person of all their favorite foods.

I'm not adverse to exercise either. I mean, I'd prefer NOT to do it, but have no problem with actually doing it. I think I could get into an exercise routine and stick to it. I don't see this as a problem.

I've been told that weight loss supplements are not the way to go, but I've seen several ads for fat burners that work fast, and am thinking I might give them a whirl. At worst, they cause nasty diarrhea. At best, I lose weight. I think I can live with that...maybe.

I don't know. I think I'm just having a pity party for myself today. I have cravings for bad foods today, and am resisting the urge, hence this post. It shall pass, and tomorrow I will be better.

I hope.