Being Rude to a Salesman

I'm working at my computer this morning, minding my own business when Tim comes crashing through my door announcing very loudly that we have someone at our front door. This is a big deal because, 1. No one ever uses our front door, and b. We never get company.

He was excited.

Me, not so much. Who dared to interrupt my work at this hour of the morning? I've barely had my coffee and am in no mood for whoever it could be. It can't be good, I told myself as I walked down the stairs.

I was right, as usual.

Standing at my door was this college aged kid with a binder. He was carrying a backpack, which he had laid down on the ground at his feet. He looked up at me expectantly.

Me: Yes?

Him: My name is Josh. (I think it was Josh. I really don't remember.) I'm going through the neighborhood talking to all of your neighbors with school-aged children.  He proceeds to open his binder to show me all my neighbors' names on a list. A list they supposedly signed to buy some reference guides.

Me: I'm in a hurry and I know all about your reference guides. A guy was here a couple years ago trying to sell me the same thing. I'm not interested.

Josh: Oh, these are different. Do you have school aged children?

Me: Yes, I do, but really. I work from home and I'm very busy. I'm not interested.

Josh: How old are they?

Me: College aged, 6th grade, and 8th grade. I have to go. Why did I keep answering him?

Josh: They must keep you really busy. Your neighbors here, he starts pointing out houses and calling them by name, have signed up for these reference guides. You should really take a look.

Me: No, I can't. I already know what they are and I'm not interested.

Josh: These are different.

Me: No, I have to go. Thank you.

I walked back into the house, shut the door, and locked it. I left him standing at the bottom of the steps.

Before you get all, "That was a horrible way to treat a college student" on me, let me say in my defense, I really, really, really hated doing that. I tried to be nice but he wasn't taking it. I did not want to be rude to him like that. Normally, I'm anything but rude to strangers. Usually I'm too nice.

I still feel bad.


Lisa July 21, 2011 at 2:46 AM  

These people must work in all states, because I had the same thing happen to me several years ago as well. I felt bad saying no, too, but...what can you do? They don't let up, do they? But I keep telling myself that I have as much right to say "no" as they do to knock on my door and ask me to buy, right? I know, still feels bad, but...