Water Purification

Been reading up on water filtration and purification as our well water here stinks.


It smells like a glass full of rotten eggs. We have an old fashioned water softener running, but it still has a slight smell and isn't drinkable without filtering it through a Brita filter. I normally buy bottled water to avoid the hassle.

Buying all that bottled water gets to be expensive, though. Especially when you drink it like I do. I bet I drink 4-6 bottles a day by myself. Factor in the other 4 people living here and you've got yourself many, many empty bottles by garbage day!

I was reading up on reverse osmosis as a solution to our problem. I never was good at science, so trying ot figure out how it works blows my mind, but it sounds like a plausible solution. There's something about pressure and semipermeable membranes. I don't know, but I'm going to look into it further so I can do away with all this bottled water and start doing my part to save the planet.