Oh, Excuse Me

Tristan is now 19. He's already finished his Freshman year of college and is home for the summer. I realize that technically, he is an adult now. Free to do as he pleases, when he pleases.

My question is this:

Does a parent ever get used to seeing their grown child in the arms (or otherwise sexual/loving position) of someone? This was a hard question to phrase because I don't mean that I've seen him having sex with his girlfriend. Gah, I would die! Right on the spot, I tell you. Just the thought makes my heart stop. No, what I mean is, several times this summer, I've walked in to his room when she's been here and they are either sitting on each others' laps or laying in his bed together watching TV. Nothing sexual is going on, they are fully clothed, but the sight of it sends my mind into all sorts of places it has no place being. I just want to tell them to sit up and separate.

I know they are having sex at school. Well, and probably here for that matter. I can't monitor his actions all the time, ya know. But, at least at school, I can't see it.

What mother knows what I mean? Does it ever get any better? I'm guessing when they get married, it gets better? I hope there's an end to it sometime because I have two more coming up behind him that I'll have to deal with too!