Walmart Police

While in Walmart the other day, I had an experience with a cashier who thought he was the Walmart police. It was his duty to make sure that no one got out of the store with anything they didn't pay for. Never mind that they already have those nifty things at each door that beeps if you try to walk out with something not properly deactivated by that silly machine at the register. Honestly, I think those thing are more trouble than they are worth. I have been the victim of incorrect deactivation by the machine several times, and had to suffer the humiliation of standing at the door while the "greeter" checks my receipt to what is in my bags while hoards of people stare and whisper.

But I digress. This is another story for another time.

I had a 24-pack of bottle water on the bottom of my cart, a fairly full cart itself, and my purse in the front seat of the cart. I began putting all of my things on the conveyor belt. Before I could get to the water on the bottom, which I don't mind lifting up to make the cashier's job easier, he said, "I'll get that ma'am. I have my trusty ole portable barcode scanner right here," and he, I kid you not, produced a hand-held scanner from his belt. Like a gun! He had a little holster for it and everything! He literally sauntered around the end of the counter and in a manly fashion, picked up the heavy case, scanned it, and put it back.

The next thing he did, and I'll tell you, I was a touch offended, was to pick up my purse to check for any items that might be underneath and didn't find their way to the conveyor belt. Can you believe it?! He touched MY PURSE! I was so flabbergasted that I didn't even say anything.

We left the store. Once in the car, I finally was able to get my senses back. I probably should have went back inside and said something to management. That can't be right. He really shouldn't be doing that, touching other people's personal property like that. Hell, I don't even like my kids touching my purse! What makes him think he can just do that? I wonder if he's ever done that before to anyone else? Did I look like I might be stealing something? Did I look like I'm the type that would?

So many questions. I'd better stop talking about it now because I'm starting to get worked up again.