Women's Jewelry at Lauren Klein.com

It's the time of year again (I said that in a sing-songy voice, so read it that way, please.) You know what I mean. Only 44 days until Christmas. Time to get out there and get that shopping done for those near and dear to your heart.

Or, instead of getting out there, you could stay in, stay in your comfy, warm jammies, grab a cup of coffee, and shop online. Yeah, that sounds more like it, doesn't it?

Lauren Klein.com is an online jewelry store that carries some of the most gorgeous pieces I have seen. I spend a lot of time drooling over the women's jewelry, and just this morning, sent Mike an email linking to the pieces I'd like to have. I hope he gets the hint. Sometimes you have to hit the guy over the head with it before he gets the idea, but really, it doesn't get any easier.

What I really like about Lauren Klein is the selection. I've found many items that are unique, things I've never seen before anywhere else. It's not just your typical diamond earrings, or heart-shaped pendants. I like that some of the jewelry is suitable for just wearing every day. Even if I'm dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, I still like to have accessories, but not ones that are too dressy. I find that Lauren Klein has jewelry for every occasion.

So, if you're in the market to buy a gift for your honey, or just want to hit your man over the head with a hint, check out the jewelry at Lauren Klein. Be sure to notice their specials, too!