Bathroom Cleaning Day

Ugh.....bathroom cleaning day.

Yes, I designate a day to clean the bathroom. Why? Because I hate it so much, I have to psych myself up to do it.

"OK, Shawn. Tomorrow is bathroom cleaning day. You've put it off way too long, so tomorrow's the day. It can't wait any longer. Things are starting to take on a life of their own behind the toilet. It's scary. No more excuses. Tomorrow you clean the bathroom."

Want to know why I hate cleaning the bathroom so much? It's the toilet. With so many males living here, the toilet......gross. I can't even think about it without nausea setting in. I swear they do it on purpose.

"OK, son. It's up to you and me now. With your brother away at college, we need to step up our game plan. Your mom, she's starting to feel a little less needed around here. By making sure the bathroom is a disaster, she will feel better. "

"But Dad...."

"No buts. We're doing this for your mother, son. Never forget that."

"OK Dad, but...."

"Son, just shut your mouth and do what you're told. We'll split the duties. I'll take the toilet. I'm taller and can create more of a splash. You take wet towel and dirty laundry duty. Make sure to leave your wet towels balled up in the corner and stuff some dirty underwear behind the toilet so when I take my morning pee, they will be sure to be part of it."

"Alright, Dad, but I don't think....."

"I'm not asking you to think. Always remember, this is for your mother. Now, go get 'em!"