Wrestling Season Starts Soon!

My favorite time of year, wrestling season. I'm not much of a sports fanatic, but when it comes to watching my boys wrestle, I'm a maniac. I don't like it when parents push their kids hard to excel at sports, but man oh man, wrestling brings out the competitor in me.

When the boys were in elementary school, the parents were allowed to sit by the mat while their child wrestled. I was that parent who screamed from the sidelines, pounding on the mat in an effort to somehow make my child wrestle better. As if yelling, "Squeeze him!" every few seconds was going to remind him to do just that. Now that Tristan is in college (and not wrestling anymore, boohoo), and Tim is in Middle School, the parents cannot sit by the mat. Instead, they have to sit in the stands like other common fans and cheer them on. Me? Well, I still scream and pound on the closest thing to me, which usually happens to be Mike. Sometimes, he sits a few feet away from me. I'm not sure if it's to look as though he isn't with the crazy screaming mom, or avoid being beat up.

We recently revamped Tim's room to make room for his many awards. The top of his dresser just wan't cutting it anymore. I put up shelves on his wall to hold the trophies and medal displays, and made a nice display for his engraved plaques. Some of the awards are for baseball, but the majority are for wrestling.

I'm really enjoying watching him get better with each passing year. Only a few short weeks before the season begins, which means I need to start stocking up on cough drops and throat spray. For some reason, I have a constant sore, scratchy throat throughout wrestling season.