Go Ask Your Father

I get such a kick out of my kids. They must think I'm the nice parent. You know, the parent that always says yes? I have no idea how I got this prestigious title, because every time they want something, or ask to do something, without fail, I say, "Go ask your father."

What do they expect? 99 percent of the time, whatever they are asking for requires driving. I do not drive. I haven't driven in over ten years. Why would I give them an answer without first consulting their father? Silly children.

As if my yes answer is THE answer, and no matter how he feels, what I say goes.

The funny thing is, every time they ask me, and I tell them to go ask their father, they roll their eyes and get mad. You'd think they'd learn after all these years to just go ask him first.

One time, Tim told me he doesn't like asking his father because he always says no. "Well, what makes you think I'm going to say yes, then?" I ask him.