She Had To Get Her Bearings

We are struggling to get Rebecca's epilepsy under control right now. We thought we had it licked because she didn't have a seizure for over 6 months, but it reared its ugly head again, twice in the last month. It could quite possibly be triggered by her menstrual cycle, but that has yet to be proven, as the doctors are saying that twice does not a pattern make.

This last time was pretty scary. Her seizure didn't last all that long, about 30 seconds, but afterward, it took her longer to get her bearings. She's usually very incoherent and stubborn when she first comes out of a seizure and actually requires restraining until she comes to.

I kept telling her that she had had a seizure and needed to lie with me for a while. She just kept saying, "No," and trying to get up. I could tell she wan't herself because she had this blank stare. There was no recognition in her eyes.

What let me know that she was finally alright was when the light "turned on" in her eyes and she asked, "Why am I on the floor?"

I told her what had happened, and she said, "Are you freakin' kidding me?!"

It was then that I knew she was alright to get up and would be fine.